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May 09 2011

Testing the waters

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I have been tempted to start looking at what’s out there in the current job market. I’m happy in my current position, and not really looking to leave. However, with the impending massive reduction in funding for public education from the state, the district is looking to cut costs everywhere it can. I know that due to those budget cuts, one position is going to be eliminated in my department. I’m hopeful it will not be my position that is eliminated, but I feel I should put feelers out, just in case. I think it’s better to be prepared and have an idea of who/where is hiring, instead of being blindsided if it does end up being my job that is cut.

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Jun 08 2009

Five months on the job

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This week marks the fifth month I’ve been at my current job. June also signals time for annual reviews at the school district. I had mine today, and I did very well on it — well enough to be eligible for a raise. Yay!

I’m still enjoying it quite a bit, and settling in to the routine very well. I still have areas I’m nervous about, but that’s true of any job, where there’s something you don’t do as often as the rest of your tasks. I’m at a point where I would like to learn more, get a better understanding of the system we use, and the way some of the processes flow and how they impact my job. I’m always curious to find out how things work and what my part in the system is, from a broader view as well as my own focused one.

I have not sent out my resume in roughly six months, which, considering I’m employed, is understandable. However, I still get phone calls from companies either wanting to interview me, or wanting to offer me a job. It’s nice to feel wanted, even if I have zero plans of leaving my current position.

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