it’s you

I watch the sunset, while you watch it rise.
Flame colored teardrops burning my eyes.
While you find another day, thousands of miles away.
One more night finds me alone, holding on
To the simple and sweetest thought of you
It’s you, it’s you.

I’ll out dance the ocean, parade in the sand.
Waiting for you, I’ll wait like no other man.
For you to come into me, lay skin to skin with me.
Making me smile and smile; it’s been a while.
Still, making my memories come true.
It’s you, it’s you.

I told her all my thoughts on loneliness.
Shared with her all my fears of afraid.
Maybe there’s no point trying to paint the picture,
Wondering what if she could’ve stayed.

So don’t send me no letters, I won’t drop you no line.
Things will get better, baby, in due time.
Just keep me in your prayer and I’ll keep you right here
Deep in this heart of mine, cause I find,
The only thing that helps me make it through
Is you, it’s you.

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