About This Blog

This blog really isn’t here for anyone else but me, technically. It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE song lyrics. This is just somewhere for me to store whatever lyrics catch my fancy at that particular minute; whether it be in reference to a special moment or “just because”. And with my ADHD, there’s a good chance I could spam this blog with multiple entries in one day, then forget about it for weeks or months at a time. 😉

Lyrics posted don’t always reflect what I’m going through or feeling at any given moment. Sometimes the situation that triggers the song is long since past, but I’ll hear the song again and feel the desire to post it. Other times the song fits exactly how I am feeling at the moment; while there are even more times that I have no situation in my life that corresponds to the music — it’s just good cheesy fun, or a rather poignant song that I find beautiful.

I try to always include a link to iTunes for each song, so it can be purchased by anyone who stumbles across this little blog. If a song isn’t available on iTunes, I try to add a link to the artist’s homepage, in case you can purchase it directly through them. It might not be much, but it’s just my little way to try to support the musicians who create the music I adore and can’t live without.

Disclaimer: All lyrics used here are only intended for personal use, documenting songs that are special to me. No money is made from this site. No copyright infringement is intended – and all rights remain with the original writers and artists.

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